Morning Monthly Prayer

Everything you need to know to pray anew every morning month-to-month with the Purpose Journal Prayer Tracker.

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In the tracker, you will have access to the most extensive and most in-depth section [Part 1] of the 4-part series and corresponding printable Purpose Journal Prayer Tracker. For this first part, the journal pages focus prayer around a theme for each day of the month. This is designed so that you do not need to print a new journal every month. You will reuse, refine, add, and track your prayers so that you not only keep coming back to prayers and scripture passages each month, but you reflect on past prayers as well as record answered prayers along the way. Want a peek into the product? Sign up for the mini toolkit "Morning Prayers Made Simple."

To help us reach our deadline, please consider inviting others to sign up and choose a donor level that fits their budgets. The greater the financial support for staffing and tools for all things product development, instructional design, marketing, editorial, and more, then the sooner we can get this and the other resources in this series released.

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Linda Furtado
Linda Furtado

I am a minister and mom called to do amazing things one step at a time for the building up of God's kingdom. I offer courses to help you journey with me into bringing real life and spiritual life into harmony with one another.

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