The 31-Day Prayer Challenge

A Complete Guide to Daily Purposeful Prayer

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Whether you are looking to re-center, accomplish a new year's resolution, deepen your prayer life, or start fresh as one new to the faith, this 31-day experience is designed to walk along-side you and provide exploration tools to build your own unique toolbelt for an ongoing and thriving life in prayer.

This is more than a collection of devotionals. This is a formative experience that walks you through a process and practice of prayer as experienced through 31 different topical perspectives. Each day includes unique approaches to using writing as a spiritual practice to help you explore what forms of prayer through writing are most helpful for you in this season. There is also a built-in collection of encouragements through optional daily emails and the choice to add-on live coaching for those who have requested a private edition of the 31-Day prayer challenge for their group/church/district/conference using one of the licenses.

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