S - Share Your Story

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Who will you share your story with today?

Review the following exercise. Add your thoughts, inspirations, or ideas in light of this activity below.

Pen to Paper Tip: Word Design | Draw and Color (page 13)

Take a moment on page 13 in your Purpose Journal to draw or write the word "LOVE." Outline, stylize, repeat around the page, or draw an image that reflects love in the light of Christ. Come back and color in or around that word or image after you complete the prayer challenge has ended. I recommend doing this on the 1st of the month in keeping with the Purpose Journal morning prayer plan on page 4.

Consider this process of returning to previously used journal pages with your writings (and drawings) a form of meditating. Re-read your entries, the scripture, and journal prompt over the course of the day, every month, and year-over-year.

NOTE: Pencil, colored pencils, and crayons are all fair game. I'll be keeping with the heading as simply "Pen to Paper" for simplicity throughout this online toolkit.

Here is example of one of my word drawings. I can't quite color it, but it was a blessed time creating it.