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  Sharing the Emails

Do you use email? We do too!

If you haven't already, click to sign up in the main menu. When you sign up you also have the choice to opt in to email communications. Whenever a new course launches, you'll know about it. If ever we open another feature in the developing Minister's Helper network you'll get the word.

Share these emails with others. The goal is to keep emails short, simple, and to the point. Also, you can expect something shareable in your inbox about once a month or so.

If you need more frequent and regular reminders that this site exists and like getting other fun updates and anecdotes about what we are up to, it's best to subscribe to social media pages for notifications (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Email can become spammy so easily and if it's frustrating to the sender it's probably frustrating to the receiver. So, no spam here!

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