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  Founder's Mission

Greetings everyone!

I, Linda Furtado, am the founder of and am on a mission to create a completely free, donor-based, Christian-centric ministry resource and networking hub. Here, I aim to bring together leaders of all kinds whether clergy or lay and build in tools for connecting ministers who are looking to help other ministers with those looking for help in their ministry and life experience. This particular part of my vision for such a networking hub is an online system for sharing ministry toolkits for success. I believe that with the right help, anyone can teach and anyone can learn.

I came to this focus and vision for out of a larger goal that has loomed over my personal and profession life experience since as far back as middle school! I have always found the greatest joy in helping others. Such goosebumps for other's success paired with my passion for Christian living and ministry sets my heart of fire! If I can help individuals make their way towards their best selves I'm in. If I can bring people together so that no one feels they are in this ministry work alone, I am so there.

Having acquired many skills over the years and an affinity for learning from others out of their professional insights, I want everyone to never feel like they can't ask for help. As one who toggles between utter shyness and master of solitude to super outgoing and first to jump into a sing-along, I hope to bring every aspect of my own relational understanding into creating an environment where the boldest of us and the most timid will be able to connect and find hope in fellow ministers of all types.

If this mission to create a place where ministers help ministers thrive is up your alley then I invite you to support this work.

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